About Us

The founder of PostPeakLiving.com is committed to helping people prepare for peak oil. Everyone alive on the planet has lived during the first half of the age of oil, typified by cheap and abundant oil, and no one has all the answers about what society will look like as oil becomes much more scarce and expensive. We passionately support people becoming informed and prepared, and know that a successful transition requires strong local communities. André brings an extensive business and community service background to the creation of PostPeakLiving.com. We are working toward what's possible: a world full of thriving, bustling communities who have relocalized and reduced their dependency on oil.

André Angelantoni 
As well as founding Post Peak Living, André Angelantoni is a co-founder of Post Carbon Marin, an initiative in Marin county to prepare it for peak oil. Trained as a civil engineer at the University of Toronto and founder of Inspiring Green Leadership, Mr. Angelantoni has supported over 35 businesses in the Bay Area of California in obtaining the Green Business Certification.

André is an insightful and engaging speaker whose peak oil research, speaking and writing educates audiences on the nature of peak oil and how to rapidly transition society to a low-energy reality. He is proud to call himself a tree hugger with a business sense and his favorite trips are to rain forests; he has visited them in Australia, Central America and British Columbia. He is a Canadian transplanted to California and now lives with his wife in Marin County, California.


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