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Prepared for the Peak for February 10, 2013


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In the world of health, the videos from the last Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard continue to be posted. Below are the latest releases. The first one is a must-watch as it details the success Dr. Seyfried has gotten by starving brain cancer tumors in mice from glucose. Brain cancer, I've learned, is a particularly difficult cancer to treat. According to Dr. Seyfriend, all cancer cells use gluscose and glucosamine to grow because their mechanism to burn fat has been damaged. If one removes glucose from the body, as they have done with mice, the tumors shrink from 65% to 90% (!).

What does the body use instead of glucose? After a period of adaptation, it will happily use ketones that are produced via ketosis. (This is not ketoacidocis, which is something else entirely and indicates a problem with one's metabolism.) A very promising line of research.

Note the correlation between the rise of obesity and the rise of cancer below. Could Dr. Seyfried be onto something?

Obesity Rates By State, CDC 2010

Cancer Rates By State, CDC 2004

Dr. Terry Wahls' talk is also a must-watch as it details how she dramatically reversed her multiple sclerosis using diet.

The last two must-watch presentations are from Esther Gokahle, who shows us a better way to sit that reduces lower-back pain (important for those of us in front of a computer all day) and the presentation by Dr. Andrea Eenfeldt, who rebuts the objections to carb-restriction. Enjoy this fascinating set of videos!

— André

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