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Prepared for the Peak for January 19, 2013


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Is population the problem?

There is an article below that asks, "Is the population the problem?" It contains a solid overview of the resource depletion problem.

Before really understanding oil depletion well, I remember learning about the more general problem of resource depletion. On one side were the totally clueless economists who asserted that if we needed more copper, we'd simply learn how to make it. On the other were those people who understand the laws of physics and that non-renewable resources simply don't last forever. To the environmentalists, it really seemed that cut and dried.

But not so fast. I'm no Luddite and I understand that technology does advance. And, according to this article in Forbes, it has advanced far enough that many resources once thought to be growing tight are now abundant.

Go ahead and read the Forbes article, it's got some interesting points. Then ask yourself: does the argument for resource depletion still count?

(As with many questions, there is as much value is in attempting to answer the question as in the answer itself.)

— André

Big Picture

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Practical Preparation

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Environmental News

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