Our courses are taught by experienced instructors who teach you exactly what you need to know. All our courses are conducted online: there are no travel expenses and you can start your homework the moment each session ends.

The people who take our courses typically are paying attention to global trends and live all over the world. So far, our courses have been taken by people from the United States, Canada, Australia, the U.K., Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, Qatar, Russia, Iraq and South Africa.


Upcoming All-Online Courses and Events

* — Instructor-led; join the course in realtime via telephone and an Internet connection
** — Pre-recorded sessions; watch the session on your own time and participate in the online forum; course instructor participates in the private forum 

 PRN Radio Interview with Betsy RosenbergPlay on Demand
 Transitioning a Community Play on Demand
**UnCrash CourseApril 7, 2012 — Play on Demand


Are you looking for community development courses? We don't have one but Transition US does!

The UnCrash Course

This comprehensive, six-week course will get you prepared in the following areas: transportation, health, finances and shelter, food production and storage, and post-peak skills. An excellent way to quickly prepare in all the key areas.

Instructor: André Angelantoni, President, Post Peak Living, Primary Curriculum Designer and Jason Bradford, Organic Farmer and Founder of Willits Economic Relocalization

Navigating the Coming Chaos of Unprecedented Transitions

Until now, it's been difficult to find emotional support for the future quickly coming at us. In this course, Dr. Baker gives people an opportunity to free themselves of constricting expectations and create a new purpose for themselves and their family in a post-peak world.

Instructors Carolyn Baker, Ph.D., Author of Sacred Demise: Walking The Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization’s Collapse

Chickens 101

Going beyond just raising chickens, this course explains how to make the homestead poultry flock a vital partner in achieving food independence while increasing soil fertility, controlling insects and reducing dependence on purchased inputs. 

Instructor: Harvey Ussery, Noted Expert on Poultry

Introduction to Sustainable Gardening

Gardening without fossil fuels and limited water can be easy once you know how.

Instructor: Cathé Fish, Permaculturist 

Sustainable Livelihoods: Now, In Transition and Post Peak

Some of the most important thinking you can do is knowing how you will transition from this economy to the next one. Which skills will be needed in demand? How can you start preparing now?

Instructors: Sarah and Paul Edwards, Authors of Middle Class Lifeboat and Working From Home


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