Transitioning a Community with Paul and Sarah Edwards

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In this evening seminar with Paul and Sarah Edwards, you’ll discover many opportunities to enable small communities and neighborhoods to be vibrant and resilient survivors of the economic and environmental challenges that are heading our way or may have already reached your community.

Sarah and Paul are founders of Let’s Live Local, a non-profit Transition Initiative that began in 2005. They will provide a Power Point presentation about Let’s Live Local and its goal to create a sustainable future for their community where people can live, work and shop locally. While theirs is a small community, the same approaches they’ve developed are well-suited to other towns and even urban and suburban neighborhoods.

They will discuss how they mobilize participation, select projects and keep them going. Current projects include:

  • Beef Co-op
  • Organic Food Co-op
  • Wood Pellet Co-op
  • Feasibility Study for Local Cell phone Service
  • Sustainable Health Care Programs including a 888 Referral Network

In development are a Solar Co-op, a Time Bank, US Forest Service involvement on possible uses of local biomass, a local food production project and a senior activity program.

Over past 20 years the Edwards have written 17 published books related to living more holistically and organically, including Working From Home, the first commercially published book about how to work from home, which in its print life had five editions. Working From Home and others of the Edwards’ eBooks will soon be available from their Elm Street Library as interactive books and the Working From Home Encyclopedia. Another of their titles, Middle Class Lifeboat, outlines the keys to surviving and thriving in the emerging economy.

The event is located here.