Cohousing and Friendship — An Evening with Nancy Deren

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Nancy Deren is a financial coach and counselor in Gainesville Fl in her late 50s who is realizing a dream held since college of living with friends. The original idea of companionship and fun remain a core concept, but now, preparing for the impacts of energy shortages, climate change, and economic upheaval, plus holding a larger vision of peace and justice, have provided the impetus to act.

Nancy and two friends sold their individual houses, bought a 1976 built house, and have remodeled and added on to it using various energy efficient, low toxicity products, to include 3 mother in law suites while sharing the main spaces. They are planting for food and habitat, not lawn, setting up rainwater catchment, are in walking distance of many amenities and are hoping to reduce and stabilize living expenses going forward. Nancy moved in during January, her friends in February and March, so they are busy adapting to this shift from theory to reality.

Join us to learn:

  • Why we chose this model of shared living
  • How we addressed concerns about privacy and independence
  • Developing our entry, on-going, and exit strategies
  • Surprise unintended consequences so far
  • What we’re learning—pros and cons
  • Making choices on materials