Join the Post Peak Living Faculty

Do you have a course that prepares people for the future that is coming at us quickly? Here are just some of the topics your course could cover:

  • all matters related to growing, storing and cooking food
  • skills (medical, appliance repair, welding, electric vehicle conversations, bicycle repair, small manufacturing, etc.)
  • financial preparation
  • residential home energy improvements

Please check the list of courses before submitting a course proposal; we are not looking for more permaculture courses at this time.

For instructors, working with Post Peak Living means:

  • we handle the marketing and administration
  • we provide the online course management software
  • you pick when during the week you'll teach the course

Your course may take (but is not restricted to) the following formats:

  • 60-minute, 90-minute or 120-minute webinar
  • half-day course
  • two sessions a week apart
  • four sessions, once per week
  • six sessions, once per week

Please leave some details below and we'll get in touch.