Which course do you want to take?

We want to hear from you! Right now we have The UnCrash Course and we're talking with many instructors who teach all sorts of skill. We need your help to know where to put our attention next.

Please select the top TWO courses you are most interested in. Here are your choices:

1. Alternatives to oil-dependent medicine

2. Financial management

3. Gardening and food storage

4. Getting fit and healthy

5. Creating an energy efficient home

6. Building solar ovens, solar cooking and dehydrating

7. Post-peak first aid

8. Seed saving

9. Starting a post-peak business

Practical and Tradable Skill Series

100. Bicycle repair

101. Animal husbandry (keeping chickens, goats, etc.)

102. Appliance repair

103. Carpentry

104. Sewing

105. Welding

106. Convert a car to run on batteries